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  • Update database for COMODO is so hard and so long. I had to use over 1 hour to update that. I want COMODO to fix that problem.

-I am a Vietnamese. My English is not so bad, but with many other people in my country, language is a huge barrier. Please make us another choice for language.

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Over the next couple months the AV database should become smaller. Comodo is working on family signatures that will help reduce the database size.

On the other hand it was recently reported at ZD Net that all av companies have problems with the current wave of malware because it does no longer fit in their family signature systems. So now there need to be made a lot of single signatures by all av vendors.

With regards to language files. Translating for v3.9 has now stopped according to this topic: . Next step will be translations for v4.

Hello just heard about the suite and so far iam pretty impress :slight_smile:
only issue is 10 mins minmal is far too long as updating goes at one point I thought the program it self crash but, wasn’t case otherwise great job :slight_smile:
thanks you! could you notify me at
Thanks You!

Hi all thanks for the information that’s very good!

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Greek translation for COMODO IS… We are a small country,but many people use the free version of the product! :slight_smile:

hello guys i am form india
:frowning: need more speed to update for first time virus data base ???

Why not moving to a cloud system, similar to MSSE or Panda Cloud Antivirus?

Imagine some people have a limited data plan and if they install COMODO it takes already a few tens of MB.

Look here
You can make a Vietnamese version by yourself. I think that you can PM Alexander Suvak and let him know that you want to translate CIS5 ; you will receive a response from him.

Everytime I try to update the update box proceeds to approx. 20% complete and the goes to an error:

gunpack.cav : Error 0.x80072f76

Can anyone tell me what this is all about and what to do. thanks