Comodo Update and Upgrades

I hope his is the place to write it down.

I think Comodo has to make a little change in their GUI and behavior for updates and upgrades. Now only a balloon tells the user it’s updating or that there is a upgrade but not witch version of the av list. Also in the main screen I can’t see the version number only a date.

I also think that upgrades to a better version must be set to accept and installed automatically. Most of my customers do not understand how to react to this message and ignore the upgrade but still think it’s save. You can also not see witch version you work with, this should be on the status page.

I help Kids form around 6 up to elderly age 90, it must also be simple and save for them.

Having the database number on the main screen GUI has been requested many times. A completely new CIS GUI is on its way hopefully in CIS v.4.x

I agree that it wouldn’t hurt to have an option to automatically update the CIS program (right now you can only set it to automatically check for programs updates), but I can assure you that if COMODO ever did implement this option, it would not be enabled by default. Most users dislike applications that update on their own unknowingly to the user.

I can assure you that my customers (100+) rely on my knowledge because they have none, an option like this would be received like a present on a birthday because they do not want questions from a computer. 88)

Like I said, I agree with having that option implemented. But I’m sure it would have to manually be enabled.

I just want to support this request. I have the same problem that people whom I recommended and installed Comodo don’t know what to do if there is a message regarding updates. Furthermore, currently the message appears nearly once a day which is definitely annoying for most people.
An automatic, silent update option, no matter if I would have to enable it manually, would be great. :-TU

I have installed version 4.x but I still see no improvement. Did they forget it or do I look in the wrong place?

Thre is curently no scope for the new GUI.
New GUI?? Wait one more year probably for CIS v5.