Comodo unknown crash.

After installing the x64 version of Tortoise SVN a few days ago, Comodo has been extremely unstable, crashing when trying to install applications and in some cases even when trying to browse for a file to open on another application.
I have since uninstalled Tortoise SVN however the problem persists.

After each crash, the error report dialog pops up however refuses to let me actually submit the error report, clicking the “To see what this report contains, click here” doesn’t appear to do anything and clicking submit tells me no email client has been specified then closes, other times it tells me there is no report to submit.

I am running Windows 7 x64
Using Comodo Internet Security Suite x64 version (full package)

This is a shame as I have never had issues with Comodo in the past (well one I think)

I hope some form of solution can be found.

Have you read this topic;msg345635#msg345635

Ah no I hadn’t, Comodo Isn’t freezing for me, just crashing so I didn’t think to check.

I’ve just uninstalled the update specified and can confirm Comodo is no longer crashing.

Thanks :smiley:

Your welcome :slight_smile:

It seems to affect x32 aswell had to remove it on my Windows7 x32 copmputer.


Wait, Just had the issue again, I’m guessing it has something to do with UAC, it seems to happen when you run a program that requires administration privileges, without admin privileges. I guess it was just coincidence that it seemed fine yesterday (or me not checking thoroughly enough)

After poking around a bit, I think the problem is actually being caused by windowblinds 7, if I use a non windows 7 skin, any interaction with comodo causes a crash, which is odd because I have it set to exclude skinning comodo anyway.

No, it’s not.

No, it’s not.

All of problems come from Windows update kb976098, kb976098-v2.

I apologise for saying this, but if that is indeed the case, why am I still having such issues now it has been uninstalled and the system restarted after doing so?

fullsize image:

Some problems may stay on your computer even if you uninstall it.
MS must release new patch about their problem.
You’ve seen it on my bug report.
I’ve tested with 3 kinds of Windows editions.

Windows 7 Ultimate X64 Retail - UAC off, Windows Firewall off
Windows Vista Ultimate X64 Retail - UAC off, Windows Firewall off
Windows XP SP3 X86 Retail - Windows Firewall off
CIS: V.552, 560, 572, 573,574

Also many people have same problem with X86.

I’ve treated the same problem on your screen shot with following process.
But it was a problem with Windows XP SP3 X86.
Solution:Uninstall KB976098, KB976098-v2, KB973687.
I forgot to add KB973687 in my bug report.
I will add it.

This problem is different from garbage PREVX.

I think your completely missing the point, MY problem is being caused by Windowblinds 7, true that there may be a problem with specific windows patches causing Comodo to freeze but this isnt the problem I am having.

You are completely ignoring this:

I’ve tested this extensively and there indeed is a problem with Windowblinds attempting to skin Comodo despite being told to do otherwise, I’m merely trying to say that I will take the issue up with Stardock since it seems to be a fault on their side and nothing to do with Comodo itself but you keep telling me that I am incorrect.

As I have already stated, If I use a Windows 7 skin, Comodo does not crash, not at all.

I don’t understand how you can claim my problem is being caused by a patch when I am having no issues with Comodo freezing which is the symptom caused by the patch and you have no idea when I even acquired the patch.

I feel I am wasting my breath, I report a bug report in good nature and it somehow turned into this sloppy mess.

I’d like to request this thread be locked.

Ah no I hadn't, Comodo Isn't freezing for me, just crashing so I didn't think to check.

I’ve just uninstalled the update specified and can confirm Comodo is no longer crashing.


What is this for?
You told us “I’ve just uninstalled the update specified and can confirm Comodo is no longer crashing.”

After which I said: