COMODO uninstalled, will not reinstall

I will tell this as best I can remember. This is a COMODO Internet Security issue, though this begins with a COMODO Registry cleaner problem.

This morning I made some changes to my documents on my computer. Afterwards, when I used COMODO Registry Cleaner it mentioned having no log file. While checking my restore points for some reason, I accidentally booted into an old one. While I was there I decided to reinstall COMODO Registry Cleaner and did so, then undid the system restore. When I went back to my earlier configuration (the configuration of this morning) I installed the Registry Cleaner again and then noticed that Comodo Firewall was not up. Though aggrivated I figured this wasn’t a big deal and tried to open it. No dice… the start menu link didn’t work. I then went to it’s location in program files and found that the COMODO Internet Security Folder was gone (not hidden, I have hidden files viewable). Since it was gone I re downloaded CIS and told it to install, but when I did I got the message “COMODO Internet Security is already installed on your system. Do you want to un-install or add/remove components now?”. The options are yes and no, and when I tell it yes nothing happens. What do I have to do to get my computer to let me reinstall COMODO Internet Security?

Go to and read about and DL the Cleanup Utility. This will completely remove your installation allowing a clean install.


I downloaded and ran it. COMODO did not show up on the list.

For anyone who may have a problem similar to this I managed to get this solved by following the directions at this site: I didn’t do all the steps, only those below:

Open regedit and navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE and find the folder for the application. Delete the folder.

Open regedit and navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE and find the folder for the application. Delete the folder.

Once you have installed it you will have to run it manually from your program files. It will not work and will ask to search for errors. Do so and it will ask if you want to repair the errors it has found. Hit yes. After this open it an it will initialize. It will fail, so hit “Run Diagnostics” to search for more errors, which it will find. Then you just need to reboot.

Hope this helps somebody.

One explanation: if CIS was not installed using Windows Installer, then it would not be on list.