Comodo uninstall problems,

(Sorry) I posted this in the v3 forum it was a “reply” to post regarding problems uninstalling Comodo, so I wanted to be sure my problem would be seen)

(I dont know which version I had ??. I downloaded it on April 22, 2008. Have windows xp …

I had COMODO PRO PLUS (free edition).I removed it from Add/remove files.

I have major computer problems. I have AT&T Yahoo, Windows XP. I am able to log on,surf the web; however, I cannot access my e-mail,IM, my AT&T account info, use Restore, perform a search from the Start Button, access Security Center in my Control Panel. After purusing the net, thought Comodo was blocking some web sites, so I removed it from my Control Panel (didn’t see anywhere where I could disable it). In Program Files Comodo folder is still there, there is nothing to click on to uninstall/reinstall or remove. AT&T feels that part of Commodo is still on my computer and is causing my problems.
Any suggestions.

I saw this but don’t understand what to do with it.

  • CD to personal firewall installation folder
    2- type “fwconfig -uninstall” from the command line
    3- restart Windows
    4- Manually delete all files

Appreciate your help.

I’ll check back for info, as I cannot e-mail

I’m not sure where you got those instructions but the command prompt is at- start, all programs, accessories, command prompt.

I’m not about to try since I’m not having any problems, but the way I’d do it, is download and install revo uninstaller, download and install CFP and uninstall using revo uninstaller in advanced mode. Just take care to only delete bold entries. You may want to click on each folder it offers and make sure only bold entries are checked. Also, follow the instruction closely.

If I’m not mistaken when revo uses the CFP uninstall, the CFP uninstall will ask to reboot, but revo has you delete bold entries first. again rad the instructions carefully.

All that said, rather than uninstalling, you’d probably be able to configure CFP to work with you email etc. with a little help.