COMODO Uninstall, but says that it is installed

He was with the COMODO installed Firewall, uninstall and now the Security Central of the Windows says that one exists firewall on, that the Comodo Firewall does not only exist and also the Windows Firewall is disactivated, what can be happening?

Hi WinXP and welcome to the forums.
I think what you are saying is that you uninstalled comodo and Windows Security Center is saying it is still running.
This could be caused by a incorrect WMI (Windows Management Instrumentation service) database.
This fix has been posted on a number of sites and seems to work for most people.
(1) stop the WMI Service,
(2) delete the “repository” folder in C:\windows\system32\wbem, and
(3) start the WMI Service.
Starting the service rebuilds the deleted folder and the database
Probably wouldn’t hurt to Reboot.
Here’s a thread on the above fix.,545.0.html
Could you let us know how you get on.