Comodo under WINDOWS 7

Two days ago I installed Comodo in a Parallels VM under MAC OS X Snow Leopard. After 2 days working well WIN 7 was no more starting well. When I after starting, which was very slow, tried to open Firefox, WIN 7 was hanging. I removed Comodo and everything was going well as before.
Sorry!!! :frowning:

SOrry to see you go. You were most likely the victim of an error with two of the AV updates that caused lots of systems to go haywire. For a short description of the problem and a workaround read the following: Workaround for the 99% CPU Problem with the latest Virus DB Updates.

My suggestion: Disable Windows Defender and Account Control stuff, you have Defense+ you don’t need them, these 2 probably are causing all the trouble in Win7.

I have seen all the processes and Services in WinVista (practically identical to Win7) and, as I see it, the only ones affecting the performance are system restore and the indexing service but this is mainly lag due to disk activity and not much CPU usage; you should be fine disabling the Windows Defender & Account Control.

definately disable Windows Defender.
UAC should be disabled ONLY if there is only one user on your computer. If there are multiple users and you want to restrict the programs they can run, UAC is a good security feature.

I had serious problems with the free version of Comodo under Win7. I’m a former ZoneAlarm user, and was going to switch to Comodo because ZA haven’t managed to release a product that works yet.

I switched UAC and Windows Firewall off, installed Comodo and restarted; immediately I saw something was wrong - the volume control had a X over it, and the tooltip said “Sound service not started.” Comodo was blocking everything - including services.exe, and preventing any app from starting. Clicking the Start button opened the Start menu, which then crashed, before everything started greying out (including the Task Manager) and I had to physically reboot the PC.

Just to let you know.

(I removed Comodo by hitting F8 to get into safe mode)

I have been using CIS under Windows 7 for a week now…ad no problems that i can see :-TU

Pidgin, I have been running CIS under Windows 7 for months, since W7 Beta. I can say that CIS is W7 compatible.

Check you firewall events to see if the sound service is blocked. If yes, create a rule to unblock.

I suspect that the service not starting has more to do with D+. You could also set the fireawall and D+ in training mode for a short while.

Hope this helps


See if there are left overs of Zone Alarm using this ZA removal tool: PC and Mobile Security Software | ZoneAlarm .

Is Comodo working on 64bit machines? I can’t even install, get a 109 error and that’s as far as I can go. Any ideas?

Pidgin, I can assure you, from extensive testing of Win7 on a wide variety of machines, that the CIS firewall not only works well with Win7, but is the leader of the pack. I haven’t used the CIS antivirus very much, but have seen no problem with it.
I believe the problem you had was not caused by Comodo, but rather by turning off the Win7 firewall.
The Win7 firewall is designed to block almost everything unless it is running, so please just turn it back on and forget it…let Comodo take care of it.
Turning UAC off is quite alright…it’s been shown to only prevent one in ten malware installations.
Choose the correct Comodo installer for your OS, 32 bit or 64 bit.
Right click on the Comodo installer, select “run as administrator” (being “logged in as administrator” isn’t good enough), and follow through the install steps until presented with the choice to install firewall only, antivirus only, or both. I suggest installing the firewall only at first…you can re-run the installer later to add the antivirus, if you want it.
I also suggest choosing to use the Comodo secure DNS, and to uncheck all other offers…(I’ve never tried them, so cannot comment on their value).
Don’t get in a rush and re-click something just because you don’t see any activity right at the moment…Comodo will install properly.
After reboot, when the green window opens to show that your network is discovered, I normally choose to have it not discover any more new ones.