Comodo trying to wipe system apps and services

I just installed CMS on a fairly new ZTE Blade Lux phone. When it scanned, it found many tens (70 +) threats, which included the android system, message manager etc.

Needless to say I uninstalled CMS, as I did not want to brick the phone.

But what is happening and what should I do next, please?

Thanks for any help.


Hi Nick,

Thanks for reporting.Please submit detected file along with details about the environment on which this event occurred (CMS version ,MOBILE & Android Detail).

Best regards,

Hi and thanks. It’s not practical to submit files, because it pretty much consisted of all of them…system files included.

As I said I uninstalled CMS, so version not known. But I dld it from the play store yesterday or the day before.


Phone is a ZTE Blade Q Lux A462. Android is 6.0.1

Play store says CMS 3.5.3500

Hello? Doing my best here