Comodo trusted file list

Software may be recognised as trusted by CIS by being:

*on the users trusted file list ie in ‘Trusted Files’ list

  • on Comodo’s trusted file list (local or online) which is compiled from files subject to detailed manual analysis.

  • signed by a vendor on CIS’s Trusted Vendor list

  • defined as a ‘trusted installer’ in the computer security policy

My question is can someone explain where is the trusted file list - Not the trusted vendor list. The reason i ask is that several unsigned files are allowed to run unchecked and not in the sandbox. I can only assume that CIS recognizes these files as safe. A couple examples of this are Moosoft update checker , HostsMan , and hostXpert.

thanks for any help in advance

Trusted files are recognised by their hash values. That’s how CIS recognises them. Files only get put on the trusted files list after they were examined by Comodo analysts (of course this is after they got submitted to the cloud). And like you noticed trusted files are not necessarily digitally signed or on the Trusted Software Vendors list.