Comodo Tray Icon

Is it me or is the System Tray Icon supposed to be RED V5.3 - older versions were green - all seems to be running ok with no warnings so am assuming it is ok. Just looks weird as red usually means something is amiss.

TIA Robert

Here’s how it looks like:

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The CIS tray icon in 5.3 is supposed to be red (and is red at all times). Currently, the tray icon does not change its color or configuration based on security settings or security status (i.e. the CIS tray icon does not “warn you” when a component is inactive or out of date). The only changes in the CIS icon that I am aware of are: 1) arrows showing internet traffic, 2) when CIS is not functioning properly/program error.

Changing the icon to warn of a disabled component or game made active has been on the wishlist for a very long time. Perhaps we’ll see it implemented in the next version.