Comodo tray icon and upload/download speed


Currently the balloon tips on Comodo tray icon is only static text “COMODO Firewall” which does not bring much information.

I can see that during some network traffic activity, there are download (in red) and upload (in green) in form of dynamic directional arrows put in the tray icon. These dynamic arrows reflect some traffic intensity (arrow length proportional to traffic intensity).

It would be more useful to add to the balloon tips the information on upload/download speed like DUMeter or Bandwidth Monitor Pro: for example UL: xx KB/s, DL: yy KB/s. This information must take into account of course all network interfaces (loopback, LAN, WLAN…) as with DUMeter.

Thank you for listening.

I like this idea. And I don’t mind the extra memory usage. But maybe it could be disabled for those users that don’t have much spare memory.

+1 :-TU