Comodo Traffic

Hi there, I have a question about comodo traffic:

What is the difference about green and red application traffic?

e.g. I have Iexplore.exe green traffic very long bar and Outlook.exe short red bar,
what does that mean?

Hi, the >green = upload
and the >red = download


Hi StormyMind

I don’t think it means anything in that sense… from observation it seems that up (green arrow) means upload & down (red arrow) means download. The arrows should be the same length & move smoothly… although they may slow, jerk or halt under high system load. They don’t indicate load amount or anything else other than activity.

I hope that helps.

Edit: I saw Paul answered, but I felt my answer had more explanation.

Folks, no need to worry about the traffic icon because the next version will be better (:AGL)

Hi Kail, the reason I didn’t go into this deeper was because I felt the IE and OE were simply examples.


Okay thanks for Info, good to know!