Comodo Tools- Thumbs up!!!

I am currrently using Comodo Personal Firewall, Backup, & BOClean on my own business computer, and I find them perfect for my needs.
-CPF performs seamlessly for me and gives me perfect "Stealth"and “Leak Test” ratings.
-Backup is configured for sync. mode. As I modify and add files to select folders all day, I like to be able to backup to my flash drive anytime and be current. So far Comodo Backup does exactly what it is supposed to do. Excellent!
-BOClean has given me no problems. I have yet to see it “catch” something on my pc, but I am a very careful internet user, and it may be awhile.

I tried CAVS, and while I liked the program itself VERY much, it would not allow me to stop & remove USB devices. Since I use them very frequently all day, rebooting to remove is not a realistic option. I will reinstall and use CAVS when the USB removal issue is resolved.

All in all, I am very pleased to be able to use the Comodo Security Tools and recommend them to my customers. Thanks Comodo!!!

USB devices conflict is reported few times.

u should chek out CAVS board for more info abt da new CAVS coming at the end of da year (hopefully)

it will include BOClean sig, total new engine, raise detection rate to 90+%, less resources hog…

jus mak me trembling waiting evriday

thank you for taking the time to give us your feedback Shamus9. We do really appreciate it.