Comodo tool bar

I downloaded comodo firewall free the other day and I would like to know how to delete the comodo tool bar from Fire Fox and Internet Explorer surfsafe V1006
Thank You

Please read here.

I am a fairly new computer user and was advised to download the Comodo Firewall free
I see nothing about deleting the tool bar from my browsers…nor do I really understand what it is doing for me

thanks for your help

Did you read the link I posted? When you installed Comodo you had the option to install the toolbar or not. Do you remember that part of the install?

I believe you can simply go to add/remove programs and select the “ask toolbar” then click Remove

To get to the add/remove programs click on start > Control Panel > Add/Remove programs and there should be ask toolbar in the list of installed programs there.

Thank you very much Goose18 I followed your directions and was able to delete the tool bar :-TU

Vettech I am sorry you are so impatient with me the bar was already downloaded so all you had to do was give me a simple solution as Goose18 did :-TD

I was trying to provide you with some education which is provided in that link under important topics Also it that thread it tells you and shows you how to uninstall the toolbar. (B)