Comodo too heavy for mobile system? (Turion 1,8, 1GB Ram, 5400rpmHDD)

I dont know if it was only the one-time situation, but when I have installed comodo pro firewall my new installed WIN xp worked slowly , web browsing was so slow that it drived me crazy, and overall system performance dropped.
NOt mention an additional time consumed on looking for right rules for bittorent to make me connectable,
I switched for a while to jetico firewall 1 and my system seemed to be newly born, fast etc. But increasing number of alerts also make it not so ergonomical as I thought.

So maybe I made some kind of oversight with configuring comodo, or it is heavy by the origin?

Welcome to the forum, gumisio.

It could be the Monitor Dll Injection option (a current issue for a lot users) and/or the logging.

CFP isn’t that heavy by origin, but my system is adequate to handle it, so I don’t notice any obvious performance degradation other than the above 2 issues.

Hi all :wink: as I am newbie to the forum (not to cpf).

I;ll try your suggestions, but when I turn out monitoring dll injections, it seems that I will be protected at the level other firewalls(worse ones) offer.

I know, but it’s just a temporary workaround. I found that by disabling it for a week to give time for CFP’s Component Monitor to learn my system (I don’t know why but I think CM and ABA are related) then enabled it again, the issue has died down.

for now I have just disabled logging, rest is set to default optimal protection :wink: , later will test it with mobile comp.

i have installed it again but the newest one, no upgrades from older ver. and seems work quite fast

Sometimes users find a fresh install rather than an update is smoother. Let’s wait and see if it’ll continue…

Makes no difference for me, on either desktop or my portable. When I use the window$ firewall things happen very quickly, but I’d rather not trust that thing, even though I have a hardware firewall. For all of the many obvious reasons.

So I wondered, is there a problem in interacting with other security software? I use a separate HIPS, plus stuff like filechecker, spywareguard, SpybotS&D, Spyware Blaster, Avast and that norton yahoo thing.

Depends on what software. I don’t like the looks of “Norton” + “Yahoo thing”. It seems bloated, but I don’t know what the result of that is…

i tried kav trial version with comodo firewall and thought i had them playing nice with each other. but after a few days for some reason my dl speed dropped from 15600 to 3500. unloaded kav cause it was the problem i believe and went back to avg. no problems since. tks. frank.