Comodo to take over existing backup

I was running a backup with another software (Karen’s Replicator), which copied whole files and folders to an external drive.

I would like to use CB to continue that. But when I setup the incremental ‘simple copy’ backup CB creates new backup folders on my external drive, rather than working with the existing ones.

How can I set CB to do an incremental backup based on the timestamps on the existing files and folders?

Hi Stephen,

CB is an entirely separate application to anything else you have been using for backups. As such, it cannot “know” what actions the other application has taken.

When CB is configured to do incremental backups, it does so by first taking a full backup. It does this to create the baseline that the subsequent incremental backup job will use to determine what has incremented SINCE THE INITIAL FULL BACKUP. CB does not use the Windows archive bit to determine if a file has been backed up. It has its own method.

It only needs to do the full backup the first time. Thereafter it will only backup files that have changed.

Hope this helps,
Ewen :slight_smile:

P.S. Nice to see another Aussie on board. :slight_smile:

Thanks Ewen,

I have:

  • inactive projects on my exHD, which are no longer on the computer
  • active projects that are both on the exHD and the computer

So, when Comodo does the first full-backup, it creates a new folder on the exHD and copies the active project files in there. Then I will have duplicate copies in two different folders on the exHD.

It might work to copy everything back to my computer and then get Comodo to do a full-backup but I don’t have enough space for that.

If I get Comodo to do a full-backup to the exHD and then copy all the inactive projects in to the Comodo folder (merge), will that work?

Grateful for your help,

OK, so you currently have X number of files on your exHD, some of which are being updated on your PC.

To ensure consistency, I would use your current backup app to restore the inactive projects to a folder called Inactive on your PC. This may sound a bit backwards, but I’d recommend doing this and then including both inactive and active projects from your PC in a single incremental backup job done by the one application, so all backup files are consistently readable.

Imagine, on your PC, you have your inactive project files in a folder called “Inactive” and your active projects in a folder called “Active”. Currently you have a backup of these these folders (Inactive and Active) on your exHD.

If it were me, I’d define an incremental backup job in CB that included the PC folders Active and Inactive, and schedule this job to be repeated at whatever interval I deemed necessary. The first time it runs, it would create folders on the exHD called Active and Inactive and perform a full backup of all the files in them on your PC.

You now have, on your exHD, two instances of all files in the PC folders Active and Inactive - one set previously created by your former backup app and one set newly created by CB.

As the files in the PC Inactive folder are not being updated, they will not be included in any subsequent incremental job. The only files that would be written to the exHD in a subsequent incremental backup job would be the files that had been updated in the PC Active folder.

At this point, the earlier instance of the exHD folders Active and Inactive are redundant, as the CB created exHD folders Active and Inactive contain ALL files.

I would not, however, delete the folders created by the older backup application just yet. I would make sure the CB scheduling works and works thoroughly. Once you are satisfied that CB is correctly performing incremental backups of changed files, the ORIGINAL exHD Active and Inactive folders can be archived to DVD and deleted from the exHD.

Hope this helps,
Ewen :slight_smile: