Comodo to show how many things has been blocked

I find this a must.

For the main page in Comodo “summary page” to have numbers on how many things has been blocked and allowed?

Like wat Zonealarm has.

In the front page to show how many things has been blocked and allowed.

That would be the most simple way for novice and ppl who don’t have a lot of knowledge.



Coming from ZAP myself, I’ll second this.

Frankly, I’m amazed that anyone would write a new firewall (or any other program actually) and not first review all the other existing programs, then copy everything good that already exists before even releasing version 1!

This problem isn’t just something that occurs in the software industry. GM/Ford have been getting their lunch eaten by the Japanese for the last 20 years or so. Both companies buy copies of competitors cars but seem to fail to copy what is currently attracting consumers. Clearly, many former GM/Ford customers were migrating to Japanese cars (many feel that Japanese cars are better made, hold their value longer, offer better amenities and are better designed). Yet GM/Ford seemed to sit on their rears year after year as their percentage of the market declined by 50% or more.

From what I’ve seen so far, Comodo is a good basic firewall. However, it is a bit limited in flexibility and UI design leaves a lot to be desired. Comodo has a limited time (window of opportunity) to get things right and produce a better product than their old or up and coming competitors. Failure to do so will leave the window open for some other company to offer a better solution, enticing a majority of users to switch when a perceived better free product is released. Then Comodo could just become another very small niche product with a small user base.

So could Comodo in the next version have in the summary page to show what/how much it blocks?

could this be confirmed? :wink:

This was already added to the wishlist.