Comodo to merge with another company

i Always think it would be great if 2 companies work together to create a great program.

Comodo firewall is free also Filseclab Personal Firewall is free.

Would it be a good idea to merge together and create a better Comodo firewall?

As i have read that Filseclab is a good firewall but not as good as Comodo :slight_smile:

So filseclab could stop developing and the developers from Filseclab could move to Comodo?

So the leaktest the pass they can put it in Comodo.

And think about it more developers working on one program? and more3 developers working on passing leak tests, termination tests etc…

It’s been discussed here before (:WIN) that Comodo does not merge with other vendors.

Symantec have bought and merged with some companies that produced excellent software and the result was that they ruinned them all. 88)

ps. Healthy competition is the best way for improving anything. And this applies to the software world too. :wink:

Keep in mind that the acquisition of any company is not cheap and this would be purely “Cost” for Comodo as they would not get enough return from this move. High risk and low return, not really good business sense.

If they happened to merge with a company that had a firewall and some other technology that Comodo could sell/ incorporate into their commercial product then it is worth looking at business wise.

As stated above, Comodo does not merge so what i have just said goes out the windows anyway (-: .

Why don’t you trust Comodo? :slight_smile:

I have seen 2-3 posts from you that you want Comodo to team up with different companies!

But I trust Comodo, and I am sure they will continue improving their great products, without help from others :slight_smile:

If Comodo every decide to emlpoy someone, i’d strongly recommend Magnus Mischel from I guess that this step would speed up things on cavs front, but it’s just a small dream (:SHY). The guy is expert in trojan questions and i guess he’s getting as good in spyware cases. However, i don’t think he’d give up TrojanHunter :).