Comodo to join with Arovax

I was thinking the company Arovax is makes free programs like Comodo.

Well i was thinking they could become partners like AVG did to Ewido.

Whats good about this is the developers from Arovax can help support Comodo Firewall plus other products.

Now Arovax has a HIPS that is called Arovax Hips. Well Comodo could use a plugin to add hips thats Arovax Shield.

Well i know Comodo 3.0 has a HIPS already so i was thinking if Arovax has experience with HIPS they could help in support with HIPs in Comodo.

And one more thing Arovax has a product called Arovax Smarthide.

Well Arovax could create/develop a plugin for Comodo Firewall to do the same? or to intigrate it to comodo and create it as a pugin?

Also Arovax create good attractive Icon Design also the image

like look here

And also with there antispyware. :SMLR

Do you work for Arovax? Nah, just kidding :slight_smile:

I am sure the Comodo-team can continue to work alone and give us great programs :slight_smile:


I hope that they would not become partners of Arovax.