Comodo time waisting software, I hate the stupid ass who made this so silly

so many days I am trying to install the new Comodo because the prevues sick Comodo would just get off suddenly and it would start when I click the icon on desktop, but after a week it just would not start , so I uninstalled it, now I am trying to install the latest Comodo Internet security but it says to uninstall the older one, I tried deleting registry keys but still it says uninstall the older one, now for many days I am trying to download the Comodo uninstaller it give me links with nothing to download, personally love to slap the sick guy who made me waist all my time in trying to uninstall the stupid Comodo security, BUT SURELY I WILL NEVER EVER INSTALL YOUR SICK LOW LIFE COMODO SECURITY EVEN IF ITS THE ONLY SECURITY IN THIS WORLD, I PREFER TO GET HACKED AND FORMAT MY PC BUT WILL NEVER , NEVER EVER INSTALL YOUR ■■■■■■ UP SOFTWARE EVER AGAIN.

Have you tried the methods described by Chiron on how to reinstall CIS?

Hi darkstranger,
IMO, it sounds to be more than just Comodo that is not well on this system.

I would consider checking the integrity of the operating system.

Kind regards.

My father used to tell me that “a bad workman always blames his tools”.

I suggest you think about a reinstall of Windows and your drivers and then install the latest CIS. The problems you are having are quite clearly with your system and not with CIS, which untold numbers of other people - including me - are running quite successfully.