Comodo Time Maschine 2.6 uninstall

Hello !

I have today comodo Time Maschine 2.6 install ( System Windows XP 34 Bit )
but not work

than I have uninstall Comodo and want new install

but not work , I can not new install ,
I have put back the operating system to the last functioning point put back

but when I Boot Computer I see in Dos Modus
Comodo enter key

How can I right uninstall comodo Time Maschine

to instal it then over again


excuse my English I am from Germany

Is the console being shown at boot?
Can you uninstall from there?
The default is not having any password. The user is Administrator.

this Programm is a big Katastrophe

I must new install my System

Indeed, the 2.6 version has some huge problems.
The beta 2.7 is working great (with minor bugs that we can live with). It’s stable.

where I can download Beta 2.7 ?


ok I have Install 2.7 Beta

but the problems higher 2.6

I install and want start Computer , but Computer not start , I come not in system

ok I want reinstall with my Paragon Program from Dos Modus , ok than I comes in System
but I see when I start in Boot Sector , Time Maschine

I recovery my Computer

but I see also " comodo Time maschine press " home " Key enter

my Question How I can " Time Maschine uninstall from my Boot sector ???


Ok I have

install this Tool Free Download MiniTool Partition Wizard for Windows PC and Server

rebuild MBR and Master Boot Sector is clean from CTM