comodo time machine

My operating system was in a restarting loop. It said files had been flushed from the I/O files and could not be found and some other things also. I am using the time machine and started the computer based on a snapshot on date 8-18-11. I have files that worked on, since that time which I would like to retrieve. Is there a way to use the basic system files from this snap shot to start my computer, and then move forward in time to the current date and time? Right now it is showing only the files, folders, and desktop up to 8-18-11.
If i now turn off computer and restart, is there a way to go forward again to previous 8-26-11 desktop, files,etc. but have operating system working as it is now? Can I copy some basic boot/startup files to a usbdrive, and use it to restart computer, bypass problem, and get back to 8-26-11 files,desktop etc?
I tried geekbuddy but they were as usual of no use. thanks

Are you saying CTM is showing no other snapshots than the one from 08-18-2011?

No, The most recent snapshot taken is 8-18-11. there are snapshots prior to this date, but there are none showing after the 8-18-11 snapshot, which i am now still using since i have not restarted my computer. I want to close down computer, but i am not sure what will happen when i restart it again. will it start based on the desktop/files showing on this 8-18-11 snapshot, or will i be able to move forward to the desktop/files of 8-26-11, where my desired files are, for which i have no snapshot? hope this makes sense…

is there a way to go forward again to previous 8-26-11 desktop, files,etc
No, if you didn't take a snapshot on 8-26-11 all system settings and files/data specific to that particular date would be lost. From what I gather from your description, your latest snapshot was taken on 8-18-11 and on 8-26-11 your system went into a restarting loop for some reason, so you rollbacked to 8-18-11, in that case your system would be what it was like when you took the snapshot on 8-18-11 and continue from there on.
but there are none showing after the 8-18-11 snapshot
Snapshots will only be taken when you set CTM to take scheduled snapshots or you take them manually. Pls. use some common sense !
I want to close down computer, but i am not sure what will happen when i restart it again.
You should give your machine some resting time ! It's not good for the machine to run consecutively for several days ! When you restart your computer, it will just continue the state that it's at when you turned it off. ( Suggest you take a snapshot first before turning it off )

thanks for response. you are accurate in your understanding. Now, since ctm snapshot appears to involve a new image on disc space, is it possible to use some partition management software, to step out of the 8–18-11 snapshot now being used as OS and back to full disc drive and all partitions, where i might be able to recover critical files now missing, created between 8-16-11 and 8-26-11 where computer went wacko

CTM uses the disk sector “photo” to store a snapshot of the disk. It does not use file/folder backup. Only imaging sector by sector will copy the snapshot structure and information. Only the CTM driver is able to read the sectors this way. For all other softwares (except sector by sector reading/writing like I’ve said), all the sectors are seen as being free space of the disk.


Donw, yours is a typical case of Not using CTM to it’s full potential :
1/ An ordinary home user should set CTM to take a snapshot on a daily basis.
2/ By default CTM should take a snapshot of the current system before doing a rollback, but you seemed to have cancelled this setting.

If you had taken a snapshot first before rolling back to a previous snap, you could open CTM’s Windows console after the rollback and click on “Recover Files” and most likely you could recover your desired files !