Comodo Time Machine with Windows 7 64bit? on Mac Bootcamp

Can anyone tell me if Comodo Time Machine will work on Windows 7 64bit on Mac Bootcamp ???

Thanks for the clarification. I knew that but I see you caught my drift. If anyone could recommend a program that would allow me to backup my bootcamp with a clone image I would be very thankful. Free or otherwise.

Hi lordsfreedman,

Below is the list (sure not the complete one). Some of the Software specifically designed for for bootcamp and that is stated at their web sites
There are free editions as well…

As for recommendation - I cannot tell that “I am recommending” and or have any preferences, since I never tried cloning image for the config you mentioned, so you have to check the specifics.


  1. SuperDuper cloning

  2. Carbon Copy Cloner

  3. Winclone

  4. BartPE Builder and DriveImage Plugin will do, I think, but I was reading that re: XP partition, so check further for win7 support

  5. Paragon’s free CampTune for Mac OS X definitely can repartition system with Mac Bootcamp but check more at their site whether they have imaging for such config
    Paragon CampTune | Paragon Software

  6. It seems like Easeus EASEUS Disk Copy
    and/or FREE Magic Partition Manager
    should be compatible with bootcamp but you have to check in their support forum

My regards