Comodo Time Machine problem

Hi all! I had downloaded Comodo time machine a while ago, and decided to try it out finally. I updated it and took a snapshot. Next day i scrolled my system back and everything went well.

Well now I noticed that when I try to run some of my games, I get this error:

DLL C:\WINDOWS\system32\MFC42.DLL is not suitable Windows NT - fit. Check this from your installation disc
(roughly translated from Finnish)

What could cause this problem and how can I fix it?

Should I roll the machine all the way back to the baseline or what? Should I fix my PC with Windows XP disc? If I have to could you assist me?

How do i undo the potential damage made by this program??

I’ve not been here for a while so lets start from the beginning, is it on the order of system restore? can you get to your system restore? Have you any back up files?


I restored my system to the earlier state (couple days).

My internet explorer doesnt work propelly, my older installments of games arent running propelly (except Steam). When I reinstalled some of my older games, like Fifa 2001, they worked fine. But some programs like IE, Nvidia, ATI and logitech arent working right. Their interface is lacking texture etc. And also when I tried to uninstall Age of Empires 3, the uninstaller freezed to the “validating install”.
I dont have any backup files i guess, unless CTM takes some for me before restoring.

I can still access to the internet with Mozilla which works fine, and I could say that 90% of the PC´s programs work as usual. I have been planning to do Windows XP check disc or formatting, but I still wanted to hear your opinions. CTM works fine but doesnt show any text in interface when i open it. I see the older snapshot logos in there though. I have updated CTM.

When did you install this Time Machine? the date.

Something about week after its release. (Not Beta)

I have updated it every now and then

This looks like a job for experts mate, I’m not familiar with this application.