Comodo Time Machine & HitmanPro

Does Comodo Time Machine changes MBR?

Coz today I ran into prob.

I test malware on system & restore with CTM to a clean state.

Today after malware testing, I was running HitmanPro & it detected MBR infection & the option was set to replace, I had a doubt that it may be coz of CTM but also thought may be infection so I proceeded & after restart CTM was not there & so no way to restore the system to clean state. I have to reinstall OS now.

yes CTM changes the MBR so it can have the boot menu

Now the system doesn’t have the boot.ini tab in msconfig, though the system is booting fine.

I dont know if this is due to malware or HitmanPro.

Unless tools can tell specifically what the nature of the MBR modification is you don’t know what changes are made by CTM without prior knowledge of the changes made by CTM.

Can password protection of CTM prevent other products from replacing CTM MBR modification, I guess NO, m I right?

Password protection only protects settings, snapshots, etc, right?

I would bet on that password protection only protects settings, snapshots, etc.