Comodo Time Machine Final - Free for all or just Personal use?

The web pages listed imply that Time Machine is free for all use, and I’m sure I asked during the beta and was told that it was, like CIS, free for all use, but the EULA is still saying only non-commercial use. I’d like some clarification on that, and if it is Non-Commercial use, would use at a non-profit work environment be in compliance with the license?

CTM is free for non-commercial use.
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can i use Comodo Time Machine for our school?

Hi, yiuwing
School can use ctm free for non-commercial use.


Sorry to resurrect a dead thread but I’m not finding a clear answer to this question. How do you define “commercial use”?

Does this mean I can use the software on a machine my company owns for our own internal business purposes but I can’t install it on a computer someone else owns and then charge that company for my services?

Just my thoughts on this:
Any organization that is set up with the intent on generating profit is considered by many to be commercial in nature.