Comodo Time Machine Critical Error

After installing Comodo Disk Decrypter I have noticed that Comodo Time Machine won’t run because this error message which I do not understand. I’m using Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit with CIS installed on it as my antivirus and firewall. I have attached a screenshot for reference. I don’t know what version the program is. I just got it today. :confused:

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hi, xavierp94

I’m sorry that CTM is not compatible with Comodo Disk Descrypter. Please uninstall CDD first and install CTM.

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Same error as described plus I´m don´t have installed Comodo Disk utilitie.

Running XPSP3 32 Bits Spanish. CTM Version 2.6.138262.166 CTM module version 2.6.7190.166 All CTM services enabled and running. Does CTM use some specific system services that I should be running?

4goTTen21, do you have a dual boot system?
Comodo console is only installed after you install CTM in all operational systems.
If you do not have dual boot system, I would suggest you uninstall CTM through Windows, boot, try installing again.

Sorry, I just think about it some minutes ago. yes, I have a DB system and this is my predeterminated boot OS but second input on boot.ini . Installing in alternative OS rigth now… I´ll comment when finished

Perfect. Everithing is working now. Now a little doubt. Should I manage CTM from main system, where last installed… both. By the way, congratulations about Matousec´s challenge. I´ve test many solutions but always back to Comodo Firewall… security suit is almost perfect, just a little deal with preformance (I´m a maniatic). Comodo Dragon is very very good, hope you do a Presto based browser too. Thanks 4 the help and… for god Comodo Firewall >:-D

Some actions - like snapshots deletion - will affect both systems. Others - like scheduling - will occur only in the OS that you’re running at that time. Shortly, yes, you need to configure CTM on both.

Thx U. Problem Resolved 4 me. Hope Xavier have that luck too.

Thanks for posting back. Sometimes is a relief to read positives feedbacks :slight_smile: