"Comodo Time Machine can't detect your Disk ID

Hello, i´m having a problem installing ctm on a asus k50ab notebook. First of all i get a message that installing the product could be a problem of an existing raid controller. I think that this might not be a big problem, because i´m not using any raid functionality, and this message is regarding the existing onboard controller, that provides such functionallity, right??

After the install process has finished, ich get the following message:

“Comodo Time Machine can’t detect your Disk ID. Please restart your PC and try again”

In fact i had a recovery partition which is fat 32 by factory default and a second partition which is the rest of the harddisk ntfs.
Is there a possability to install the product? Does anyone know a workaround for this problem? I read the post that still exist regarding the problem, but this does not help in my case.

thank you

RAMDISK, attached a VHD, Turbo memory chip ?


I too have similar problem hence my post to the forum

Other people are also having strange installation failures - I wonder why this is?

If you succeed let me know.


I also get this error when trying to install. I am running Vista. Rebooting has no effect, error persists.

Same error. Cannot be installed with Intel Turbo Memory turned on. It works with Intel TM off, however it causes problems after installing CTM and turning Intel Turbo Memory on again. Computer cannot be shut down/rebooted correctly and keeps hanging on the “turning off” screen (hard power off needed).

Tested version: 2.6.138262.166