COMODO Time Machine can not initialize operating system information

On an XP Pro SP3 x32 box.

Please, give us some ideas, what conditions may generate this error?


Would you please provide your HardDisk info to us?
You can go to “My Computer” >“Manage” >“Disk Management” and do a screenshot for the disk information.

At least, the file system of the partition.

I am one of us,

I asked a straight forward question, for a dev to answer please.


Sorry. I was just trying to help.

I understand Tech,

Sorry if I seemed rude.
Had a bad day. >:-D


Never mind. We all have bad days :slight_smile:
Hope the programmers take a look.

CTM puts part of its internal data on “hidden” area of hard disk.
This error indicates that CTM cannot find such area on hard disk.
We wont provide any ways to create some “hidden” area for CTM, it is dangerous because it’s possible that these space are being used by other system softwares.

We will change the way CTM manage its internal data and u wont have this issue from next release.


I am getting the same error. So does that mean that I cannot install it on my Vista system until the next version?
Is there no workaround?
Can I create a special hidden partition for it? How? Do I just need some unallocated space on C: ?

I really would like to install CTM while my system is pristine and all patched up.
When is the next version expected?


C: Simple/Basic/NTFS Healthy (Boot, PageFile, Active, Primary) 195GB 65% free
D: Simple/Basic/NTFS Healthy (System, Active, Primary) 465GB 20% free
E: Simple/Basic/NTFS Healthy (Primary) 1TB 40% free
F: Simple/Basic/NTFS Healthy (Primary) 1TB 25% free
G: Simple/Basic/NTFS Healthy (Primary) 465GB 25% free
H: Simple/Basic/NTFS Healthy (Primary) 195GB 35% free

I don’t think so.

Some weeks I suppose.
Did you test the 178 version?

i’m experiencing the same problem on some of the computers with Windows XP SP3 installed.

Tried the latest version 2.8.155286.178 but no help.

I even tried reformatted the entire hard disk and re-install the OS but the problem still persist.

I hope the improved version will be released soon.

Keep up the good work - Comodo. :wink: