Comodo Time Machine and web browsers

Hi to everyone, I installed CTM to replace the system restore tool of windows 7 because it always loses all my restore points. Everything seemed right, but something wrong happened with the browsers (IE, firefox, chrome) specially while I’m watching videos in youtube: They all freeze and so the OS. I’m still able to hear the sound and after about 30 secs. everything is back to normal, but just for a moment because it happens again.
I had no choice but uninstall CTM, the problem is gone, but I’d really like to be able to use CTM to prevent a disaster in my system.
Help, please. What could have went wrong? :frowning:

I’m running windows 7 32bit. Thanks in advance

Hello… Oscar, which version of CTM you used when this problem occurred? I presumed you’re using 2.8, if so give 2.9beta a try… ( 2.9beta’s download thread is in the “Beta Corner” )

Do come back and give your feed-back.

Are you using Win 7 side by side with a Windows XP installation? In that case each you run XP it will delete all the Win 7 restore points. Solution: .