Comodo Time Machine and AMD Athlon Processors

I joined this forum so I could post this question. I want to install the Comodo Time Machine in my computer. The Comodo website tells me I need an “Intel Pentium III Processor or higher” to use the CMT. My Device Manager tells me I have an AMD Athlon64X2 Dual Core Processor 6000+ in my computer.

So, here’s my question-- will the Comodo Time Machine work with AMD Athlon processors? I’ve done some fairly extensive research on the 'net, both on the Comodo site and elswhere. No answer yet.

It should be an easy question to answer. Anybody know? And I mean know, as opposed to educated guesses, though I’ll take them if nobody knows for sure. An ideal answer would point me to whatever the Comodo website has to say about AMD Athlon processors, or come from someone with an AMD Athlon processor who has successfully installed and uses the Comodo Time Machine.



Hello. There is no difference between AMD and INTEL but the second party commands which are both supported with almost all software vendors. You can freely install CTM on your PC.