COMODO Time Machine 2.6.138262.166 Released.

Hi Everyone,
We are pleased to nannounce that CTM 2.6 has been released.

This is a maintanence release that should address a couple of bugs in
the previous versions.

What’s new in CTM 2.6?
FIXED! Failed to uninstall CTM in some special environment.
FIXED! After uninstall, system can not boot up in some special environment.
FIXED! A couple of critical bugs.
FIXED! More than 20 GUI bugs.
IMPROVED! Compatibility of installation.
IMPROVED! Performance of disk accessing.
IMPROVED! Improvements of command line tool. Now, command line tool provides full functions of CTM. And it is based on console right now.

We advise all users to update to the latest version. This version resolved most problems such as uninstallation and stability.

File Informations
File Name: client_setup_2.6.138262.166.exe
File Size: 20,733,584
File Version: 2.6.138262.166
MD5: 4cc88ed9eb0f221fa4181bc9dbecace4
SHA1: dfe237df4d2f254caa6aa5dabc20e076b199a1e2

Release notes: Release notes
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