COMODO Time Machine 2.1.116458.141 BETA Released

Thanks comodo team i m going to try it now

Thanks Comodo. Been using the previous version since release. Hd very few problems with it. Can’t wait for the final release.

Cheers (:CLP)

Nice :slight_smile:

Greetz, Red.

You have to Re-install CTM

Compare to Rollback Rx, Comodo Time Machine has expand my bootup time. Can you do something about that.
BTW great product.

Download link doesn’t work.

edit:My fault.Sorry!

expand?? as 2 year user of RoolbackRX , i install CTS and boot time is same or even less…

Nice now it installs very good!!! I had some problems installing it with the previous versions but now it works!! Thanx Comodo !!!

Will this software be standard in CIS?

It’s going to be purely optional in v4…


CTM RC has been released!

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