Comodo thinks that some system apps needs to be virtualised and causes problems

Comodo just virtualized svchost.exe which is a system process needed for Windows Update. And, HP Support Assistant updates no longer work. And it thinks Synaptics Touchpad driver is a bad software. I fixed the svchost.exe problem by making it ignored by sandbox but HP updates still dont work. I dont have problems with syaptics but it thinks it causes intrusion.

Hi dweynx,
Whenever anything is sandboxed you will see numerous instances of svchost running inside the sandbox, this is intended behaviour.
Svchost is a generic host process used by numerous Windows functions.

You could manually add the synaptic’s touchpad driver and the HP Support assistant to the file list, rating them it as trusted if you are certain they are clean/safe.
To manually add files to ‘Files list’-Comodo Help

Kind regards.