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I just registered in this forum to say “Congratulations, Comodo!” :slight_smile:

With a 99,6 % detection rate is CIS the definite winner ( 25 protection programs were tested) . The free version of Comodo Internet Security achieved the best scores overall. Please note that some of the programs in this test cost up to 59,99 EURO. Read yourself!

Very good job, Comodo! I have to admit I haven’t used your it until now, but I will install it definately today :-TU

English Translation:

“Congratulations, Comodo!” :comodorocks: (:KWL)

Small question does Comodo AV v4.1.** have webshields like Avast because I maybe thinking of moving over to Comodo AV. ???

Comodo doesn’t have web-shield. It has file scanner and if infection comes from web, it will scan it anyway :wink:

I’ve found here in forum an answer from FäɀïØ™ (;msg314783)

“A web shield is unnecessary. Does it protect your PC MORE? No, because the malware must still access the harddrive and memory to do damage which is scanned by CIS. Web shields also use more resources.”

Also he refer to this answer in forum Comodo Forum

By the way, I find the answer very logical :-TU

I guess that this is that German test Melih spoke about.
For me results looks normal considering Comodo’s layered security approach.
Well done and congrats to Comodo team. :-TU

Thanks for the current feedback emark that all I need to know.

Thanks Avast does the same thing and it call File System Shields

dns can be exploited like a webguard… what else.

check out how comodo did. Translated by google.

Thanks Languy…

We know. :stuck_out_tongue:

I merged both of them together. ;D

Is this testing organization AMTSO compliant/certified?

I am not sure I understand the worth of this test. Seems to me like they used very old samples.

Thank you, thank you, thank you. This is the news that I’ve been waiting for. I just uninstalled Avira free from my desktop computer and added CIS AV, so that I now have CIS Premium in total. I will do same for my laptop.

Although I am a professional tennis coach, I spent 2 years as a tech for AOL/CompuServe and I work on computers as a side business. I will now put the complete CIS on all of the computers of my customers.

Congratulations to Melih and all of the Comodo family. You guys are really, really good over here!


Well, thank you for posting this emark.

Our detection capability is certainly top notch!

But more importantly our layered security architecture will keep your clean computer CLEAN! :slight_smile: Its refreshing to see a testing organisation recognizing our layered security approach with sandbox saying “infection while having sandbox on is almost impossible” (or something similar in German :slight_smile: ).

Again, thank you and we will continue to improve!



Really appreciate the kind words Morris, thank you very much!


Congratulations, Comodo team! :-TU
They might love us, they might hate us, but they can’t DENY US >:-D

True but they can’t KICKED OUR BACK DOOR! :comodorocks:

any wilders comment yet? :wink: