Comodo tested and reviewed on a hevily infected computer..

Watch the videos on youtube:

Part 1:

Part 2:

Good review, fun to watch…
The test is about the Firewall and the antivirus and the defense+ module.
Check it out… =)
If you are bored as Iam… =)

If you do a forum search you will find lots of previous discussion about these videos. :slight_smile:

Okey, Ill do that next time before posting a review. (:LOV)

Well, you will have to beat me into posting first as a User. Not mod or Computer Security or Malware Researcher Geeks though. Lol. ;D

You forgot these new “Usability Study Members” though…I wish I was one, because it seems like Melih is telling them all about the next CIS… :‘( (I asked to join, but he said he was inviting people who made major ideas…I was going to post mine then, but I saw someone else already did something like it :’()