Comodo temp-script-spam!

Hi guys!

I don’t know if this is a bug or not but why???

does Comodo create these temp script you see in the screenshot? and why does it have to create new ones all the time, the filelist is filled with hundreds (if not more) of these

Not a bug. Disable embedded code detection for PowerShell.


Another, totally unrelated but perhaps you could push it forward. When you get to the forum by, let say clicking the link included in your notification email (View the reply at: Comodo Forum)

Most of the time you will be “logged out” in order to reply you need to login obviously.
The annoyance here is that you get back to the main page (Comodo Forum) after logging in. So you have to either click the link in the email again or manually navigate to it. Kinda dumb don’t you think? when you login you should be forwarded/returned to “where you were” when you logged in like “all” other forums :-*

Sadly, I can’t help with that one; I’m not an employee. To be honest, I stopped caring about it. Appropriate staff is too uninterested. Maybe a moderator could merge similar posts to get more attention.