Comodo taskbar icon

Look here->

The comodo taskbar icon looks awful,if you choose right click scan.Please,comodo,change this ugly icon :))

Tis quite grainy compared to the others in the pic :-\

One vote from me :-TU

The tray icon should indicate if all scanners are active.

Green = All OK
Blue = D+ is off
Yellow = AV is off
Orange = FW is offl

Then use split icons for different combinations

Half blue and half yellow = D+ & AV are off etc

Red = all off

That would be a quick visual check…

Using only colors to signify status can cause problems for color blind users.
If they make skins for CIS, perhaps they can make a skin for color blind users that would include appropriate modifications to colors/patterns in the tray icon.

Too many colors would just be too confusing.

I think a better approach would be a simple alert that lets you know something is disabled. You could then right click on the icon to find out the status.

I posted the pic below in the usability forum…when you hover over the tray icon, you can see a brief status summary.
Maybe a simple change in the tray icon can notify the user that security is at risk (e.g. shield with a flashing exclaimation mark rather than a shield with a check mark) . A mouse hover over the tray icon can provide a status summary (see pic below), whereas a double click on the icon opens CIS and the appropriate security alert (e.g.“installation mode is on, do you wnat to turn it off?” or “Defense+ is disabled, do you want to turn it on?”). How about something like that?

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+1 I like that a lot. Much better than the multiple colors concept.

Glad to see that other also think the current tray Icon is not satisfactory. Whoop-dee-doo, I like you approach and agree it is better than the colors I suggested. :-TU

+1 for Whoop-dee-doo

Maybe the up/down bitrate indicator could benefit from little additional thought,
it’s not wonderful either.

+1 for Whoop-dee-doo comments.

i just found out i probably have been surfing the web with comodo firewall disabled for at least a week.!! i disabled it for some reason, most likely to test something, but then i forgot about it and never enabled it until now.

i don’t usually open the gui or right-click the tray icon at all. although i do like the animations when the connection is active. some type of tooltip or tray icon with a red X on it when disabled or a green CHECKMARK when enabled would really help.

+10 for Whoop-dee-doo, It’s better for only display a name of program.

I signed up just to add my comment! O0

I’m currently using Kaspersky Internet Security but disabled the firewall to go with Comodo Firewall. I really don’t like the taskbar icon. When traffic is going in and out, it looks really ugly with the arrows. After uninstalling Comodo and installing ZoneAlarm, I switched back because Comodo doesn’t lag my system (Vista 64 sp2). This program is great in functionality, but the tray animation needs much improvement (My only gripe).