Comodo takes the lead again, perfect, Matousec

Go Comodo Go,

Glad I switched from ESET and wilders forums to Comodo., Haven’t looked back.

:■■■■ Good work comodo! (:CLP)

This has been posted already under leak tests.

My apologies, I didn’t think it would get by anyone, sorry.

I also switched from all the expensive programs to ESET and from all the firewalls to Comodo.

Thank you Comodo.

Did anyone read the comments from Comodo on that test? There is a new one:

Comodo Group – the vendor of Comodo Firewall Pro

2008-05-21 (Comodo Firewall Pro scored 95% and took 1st place): Thank you very much for pointing out the “windows shutdown race condition” bug introduced with the tested version, which is the main reason for failing in SSS tests. We will be addressing this with the planned release on 05/20/2008. Keep up the good work.

Egemen TAS,
Sr. Research Scientist,

Did I miss that update, or did the update miss us? (:TNG)

It was planned to be on that day (Planned not Confirmed). The release will be likely on Thursday now, They probably missed the launch Window, However, Egemen wrote that comment on the 21/5/08, So that bug is being fixed now.


yep a release scheduled for tomorrow


Wooo!!! :BNC I can’t wait for that. :slight_smile: I am now using x64 of Vista and I hope all the bugs are fixed. I don’t know if I like the 64 bit version or not, but I read interviews with key MS personnel saying that they will only produce 64 bit OSes in the future, so might as well jump on the bandwagon now. :stuck_out_tongue:

Good news. After my tests this will be a good surprise. Will the ThreatCast feature be implemented too ?
Or the only change is the bug fixing ?

BTW, Mike Nash said on Wilders he will sent OA paid version for testing at Matoušek because Matousec started with Keylogg tests which isn’t adequate test for FWs but for HIPS

Note: OA (paid) have “full” keylogg protection, free have just “basic” keylogg protection which is main reason OA having pretty decreased results on recent Matoušek test.

no threatcast yet…
I expect Threatcast will be in beta for couple of more months


Keyloggers makes it beyond discussion: Matousec’s ratings are irrelevant.

Good to know this. I hope that Matousek will have both free and paid versions listed so people reading his forum can see the difference. Comodo and OA have been neck and neck in the list. Now readers will see the better choice of the free choices. Readers will then see that Comodo is free and always have been towards the top. So, those tests are important because the unexperienced users will look at that and make their decisions based on that. They will see Comodo free and at the top so they will be more likely to get that. If OA paid is at the top, they will pay for it because they do not know the results fully mean.

NEVER :slight_smile:
Dont be subversive here, we are (B) (:LGH)

Thank you!

It’s tomorrow today. :smiley: :BNC I hope the release happens. I am in a later time zone. Are the releases based on the American TZs?

Releases are usually based on USA east coast time zones, but all software releases are elastic, written on a calendar made of spandex. :wink:

I hope he meant tomorrow and not manana.

Should be soon…


завтра??? :slight_smile:

I frankly no longer understand all these perpetual tests and retests by Matousec. I think Melih had it right, its more of a scam to get more money out of firewall companies unhappy with the results on sometimes trivial tests.

If these were real world tests, maybe there would be some justification to always coming up with newer and tougher tests thus raising the bar, but I think its now more of a distraction than real.

Now that nearly all comodo 3 bugs are worked out, I will happily wait until the comodo 3 programming team thinks an update is needed and they have it 100% right.

Lets give credit where credit is due, its the comodo 3 programming team that is raising the bar with a better initial model. And its the competition that is falling by the way side.

The only problems I have really ever had with comodo 3, I have to somewhat attribute to its somewhat rushed initial release. And that may somewhat be attributed to the fact on line armor did score higher than comodo 2.4.
in the November Matousec tests.

Now that comodo 3 is fairly tested, the answers are already clear, comodo 3 rules the roost and the lead, in future, should continue to grow.