Comodo takes a lot of RAM

Hi there!
I just heard of Comodo Firewall Pro and changed to it from ZA Free.
The mainreasons for switching are higher security and not as much RAM needed as in ZA free.

When I take a look with taskmanager or process explorer I can see 2 Comodo-processes:
cmdagent.exe about 8MB RAM → absolute ok!
CPF.exe about 20MB RAM → thats really much

is cpf.exe only the gui for the agent? than this really should be improved in Version 3.
For example the OnlineArmor free version only needs 8MB for the service and 8MB for the GUI.
I think this is enough for a Firewall.
Is there a resource friendlier management in Version 3 of CF3 Pro?
What do you think?

It is improved in CFP3. CFP3 will hardly take any resources at all, so wait till it’s released as final and you’ll be happy :wink:
For me it’s ~2MB for cmdagent.exe and ~5MB for cfp.exe, that’s only 7MB, which isn’t much for such a great product!

If you’re interested in trying CFP3(it’s currently a RC, but it’s pretty stable), you can get it here


thank you for your very quick reply! maybe my Comodo takes more RAM because I have 2GB Phys. Memory available. I also noticed this behavior on NOD32 wich takes 20MB RAM and on legacy Systems only 7 or 10 MB

Have a nice day! I will try the RC, yours sincerly, theshu :stuck_out_tongue: