Comodo system impact tested by

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File I/O is really eye opening, I hope the devs check this out and see ways to improve.

I saw this. I wish they did a total memory (virtual + working bytes). I bet Comodo would be one of the worst in that regard due to the massive amount of the program it pushes into VM. As I mentioned in another thread, I see now that CIS isn’t as light as looking at just the RAM usage would indicate. Still a great program, but room to improve in this regard.

yes room to improve but certainly not the worst.

Very good performance tests in my opinion.
There must be a balance between performance and protection (that uses resources of course).
There’s always room for improvement.
Some points are more important that others for me. I think avast did good in these ones.
Also the notorious resource eater (Norton >:-D) improved a lot!

I think that the File I/O Test isn’t really representative.

Because I wrote myself an Image Compression Program which compresses images with not that much color variation heavily, but can’t really compress photographs well.

As an example, taking a 29.241 kB sized Photograph of a tunnel results in a 61.252 kB sized compressed Photograph and gets created in 24 seconds.
The created file has 8.960.334 entries of 7 Bytes. The time includes File loading, display, compression in memory, file writing to disk and memory cleanup, so it might even be faster than 24 seconds.

Maybe i’ll try it with writing one entry, closing and reopening the file, but I don’t see why one would create files that way so I don’t think the I/O Test is that much representative as real-world example.

But overall CIS isn’t that bad, but still there is room for improvement and I’m sure it’ll improve :slight_smile:

Very interesting test :-TU :-TU

Comodo really has to improve its impact on the system, as i said before (, to be among the lightest security suite.

yes there is room for improvement in my view as well comodo dev. plz look.

Definitely room for improvement. Avast! did very well and overall pretty much equal with Avira. MSE is shown to be a real slug which is surprising. I knew from experience that it’s scans were slow but I didn’t expect the bad results in other areas. They really have a ways to go.

One benchmark is irrelevant in my opinion though. Does anyone really care what the size of the installer file is? I also was disappointed that the gaming impact results are incomplete and only include a few products.

I also think space on hard drive is irrelevant, maybe it was in the 1990’s but not anymore, who cars if it takes 100 or 300 megs, we have terabyte hard drives available.

That is why I was talking about “some tests are important to me”, like “boot time” and “running an application”.

Ok, now Comodo 2011 is Alpha, Melih give us something good in beta, to be at the top in comparisons like this! :-TU

yep…performance was already improved in 2011 anyway :wink:


Is the usage of COMODO Internet Security 2011 gonna be lower then now?
Because somethimes i feel like comodo is very big at my system :a0

Wrong Topic mate!

Very bad I/O results:

If you look things through a microscope they look bigger :stuck_out_tongue:

Well on Bookmarks 16 and 17 we are on very bad position! Melih you need BIIIG change of AV!

For a non tech savvy like me, what is the real importance and the meaning of I/O?

Reading from and writing to files.
I/O means Input / Output.

Importance ? Well, reading and writing files will be slower (in this case and by raymond test Comodo is not doing great in that area)