COMODO System-Cleaner will not update

Hello all I am a volunteer editor over at TSA My catogory for reviews is Best Free Browser Scrubber

As you can see I have reviewed COMODO System-Cleaner and liked it however i recently tried to update the program, it says there is an update but just hangs at update. Can someone look into this for me.


Hi Brendan and welcome to Comodo forum.

CSC 2.1.114194.1 has recently been released and I would suggest that you download it via this release post:;msg338348#msg338348

Then uninstall the old version before installing the new one.


The latest version of our CSC (2.1.114194.1) is now available for download directly from our website:

Due to the fact that there were some changes made in the Update component, please uninstall and clean install the latest version manually. This will no longer be an issue for the next release/update.

Thank you.

Thank you. I have downloaded the latest version. Just to let you all know I am happy with the product. It would be very helpful if you left a comment about my article at the bottom of the link above, no registration is required.