Comodo System Cleaner Vs Glary Utilities (For Developers)

Glary Utilities Free seems to be really highly recommended! But as you can see in the pictures, Comodo Registry Cleaner in Comodo System Cleaner really wins over the Registry Cleaner in Glary Utilities. Still testing anyway. :wink:

Glary Utilities was also recommended in Australian Netguide January 2009 Edition. Maybe a developer can evaluate Glary Utilities. :slight_smile:

EDIT: Glary Utilities still found 64 remaining Registry Items, even after cleaning all 564 registry errors for Comodo Registry Cleaner in System Cleaner, And still Glary Utilities found only 122 Registry errors, While CSC Registry Cleaner found 442 more! :open_mouth: (And yes I rebooted after that clean before running the Registry Scan in Glary Utilities. And CSC is still at RC Stage so I’ll reserve this thread to test the final version of CSC against Glary utilities when that time comes. But it was pretty quirky especially when Comodo found more, But this is why I need an Expert to come in. :slight_smile:


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