Comodo System Cleaner Updates

I just installed the latest Comodo System Cleaner Ver.2.0.108716.5 and every time I open the program, it starts to automatically upgrade. Is there anyway I can upgrade manually like the old version?

If you update to version 2.0.110158.6, you can disable the automatic updates.

To update to version 2.0.110158.6, click “Check for updates” in the lower left side of the main window.

After updating:

Click on Misc. in the upper right corner and uncheck the “Check for updates when application starts” box.

Thank you very much, it was driving me crazy :-TU

There is a bug when updating. When you choose to update (either manually or automatically), if you have changed any settings (from default), you’ll have to go back and set CSC up all over again. Updating doesn’t save your settings and returns all to default. Another note, if you update the program itself, you’ll lose all of your saved backups. I would suggest backing them up to another directory before updating in the future. Note that you need to backup the “backup” folder in the main program directory as well as CDCBackup.xml and CPCBackup.xml.

I typically like to control my program updates and turn of the auto features. When I installed this program recently I ran into the same issue that Buckyg reported. I followed Grizzly’s instructions and upgraded to 2.0.110158.6 as described in the post, but I saw no ‘Misc in the upper right corner’, and was therefore not able to uncheck the ‘check for updates’ option.


The Misc button is located on the upper right corner of CSC. Please see the screenshot attached.
Thank you.

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Thanks for the screen shot. As I indicated in another post, I was unable to see not only the Misc icon but also the ‘hovering’ minimize and exit icons. It wasn’t until I Remote Desktopped into my pc and (desktop minus the colour/detailed wallpaper), that I saw the icons as they appear in your screen capture (backed by the solid colour of the sky). Apparently the small, icons dissappeared into the background. Now that I have seen the Misc icon I have turned off the auto update.

I can see the benefits of turning on an auto update, if it is regulary updating a data base of application identifiers and items to clean. I am not as accepting of auto updates that change working code that might make the program and/or my PC unstable. A manual update fixes a point in time that the user is aware of subsequent to which instability can be traced back to the update. In an auto update the user is not as aware of the change and would not be able to pinpoint a change that was followed by instability.
A separation of the two types of updates, with the option of a simple notification of update availability, would be preferable.
The main problem of the updates as I saw them was that with the update, for each application item update, System Cleaner attempted to add grpconv.exe into the Windows XP startup. Typically, grpconv.exe is used by program installs to create ‘Start Menu’ folders for the program (Windows 95/98/ME only?). Since Comodo did not warn me that it would do this and why, I elected to use my Startup Monitor to prevent this addition. There are many items processed in each update, preventing System Cleaner from updating the XP startup became a time consuming activity.
If someone can explain why each item update would trigger a Windows XP startup modification and why that should be a good thing, maybe I’ll turn on the auto update and filter System Cleaner out off my Startup Monitor.