Comodo System Cleaner Update Check &

Hi folks,

I have couple of items to share …

  1. PROBLEM: Curently I have COMODO System Cleaner 2.0.107697.4 on my laptop. And when I ask the program to check for updates “Manually” it says it FAILED to connect to Server.

  2. Question: Why is it that Version Number for NONE of the Comodo’s Products is mentiopned on their Main website? I have to hunt and look for the darn version numbers on this Forum or other Download Sites.

  3. Question: A Dumb Q … do I need to uninstalll the Old Version of the CSC before installing the New Version?

  4. Question: Why do I not get E-Mail notification from the forum when I reply to a Thread ot Start a New one? I have checked my E-MAil settings … but I am sure I am missing something!!! This Forum uses unusual settings for Notification … different than Any Other Forums!


G! :slight_smile:

  1. The forums software has been updated. May be it is a glitch with the update. Could you post this problem in the Comodo website issues for submitting website problems only board? That would help the forum admins very much. Thanks in advance.

1.The “check for updates” function in version .4 of CSC works as expected on our systems. Make sure you have an active internet connection and please try again; tell us if you still encounter the same problem.

3.Generally speaking, only if the version of CSC is 1.x.x.x then the user has to uninstall the old one and clean install the latest CSC. In your case (CSC version 2.x.x.4) - as mentioned above - the update function should be enough.

Thank you for your support.