Comodo System Cleaner Suggestions and Ideas For Improvements

Having used CSC for a couple of weeks, I have a few ideas I would like to share -

1] A Registry Defragger / Compactor - To eliminate all the blank spaces after deleting any invalid / unwanted entries
2] Empty-Folder Deletion Feature - Mainly for deleting left-behind-folders of uninstalled softwares
3] A date next to every registry-key and -value determining it’s creation time.

1] Incomplete Search - CSC misses “legacy” sub-keys. It was unable to delete leftover entries of GeSWall under HKLM\System\ControlSet(All)\Enum\Root, which I came across after a manual search in Regseeker
2] A More Powerful Manual Search - Since it’s almost impossible for the automatic search to look for every single key into the deepest parts of the registry, a thorough manual search should be able to help in such cases, but CSC’s doesn’t. RegSeeker’s manual search cured my Sandboxie shell integration problem, whereas CSC’s didn’t
3] Existing Search categories should be improved - The “system services” scan was unable to detect an invalid geswall service entry. It had been lingering in my system services quite some time, and I had to manually search for it in the registry editor to remove it.

I don’t agree with the notion that Registry cleaners are of no help. I had the “sandboxie problem” where a grayed “run sandboxed” context menu option would show even after uninstalling Sandboxie. RegVac Registry Cleaner got rid of it.

Comodo System Cleaner is a good system/performance optimization/maintenance software, but not one of the best. The best ones, in my opinion, are RegVac’s, Regseeker and JV16’s.

Registry maintenance is an important aspect of system care and I hope CSC improves with each release, and doesn’t become like one of those fancy “tweaks” application, which only look good on paper.

very useful feedback, thank you metalforlife! really appreciate it.

our users deserve nothing less than the best possible product. therefore could i pls ask you what we should do in order to be no 1? I mean what is it that makes other no 1 that we are missing? by identifying these we would love to improve our products so that our users can enjoy the best possible product.

thank you for your help.


+1, nice feedback. I would however not strive for making CSC/CRC exactly like RegSeeker, because RegSeeker is not a safe registry cleaning program according to my own and others’ experiences.

The registry cleaning module’s cleaning doesn’t bring about any noticeable improvement in the health of the registry - fixing(cleaning) of errors. The reason, for which, I believe is that it doesn’t dig deep enough, at least not as deep as the few other good cleaners; the case with almost all of the registry cleaning softwares.

Most of them, though remove a considerable amount of errors, none of them seem to clean the major ones which you actually want to get rid of.

Actually, a head-to-head comparison with RegVac Registry Cleaner will provide a clear illustration of what I am talking about.

Two more components I would like to see added to the CRC arsenal are - 1] Registry Monitor - It should monitor and show all the changes made in the registry since the moment the “registry monitor” is enabled; and, 2] Registry Information - A section which shows important registry information like - No. of keys, total number of keys under each hive, registry keys added in a particular time frame, registry size and an option to look for total no. of registry entries for a particular key or name.

A certainly don’t want CSC, or rather CRC to become a exact clone of RegSeeker, as I don’t consider it, in overall, as wholesome as CSC, but it’s registry cleaning is better than everything CSC does.

More importantly, even if the automated cleaning isn’t top-notch, a thorough manual scanner should more than make up for it. That’s what manual SEARCH is for, isn’t it? So that you can FIND what you are looking for.

Disk Cleaner, is quite proficient as it, but maybe a empty folder scan/search feature make it even better, since most of uninstalled applications leave behind the folders.

Other than registry cleaning and disk defragmentation, I find pretty much everything else unnecessary.

As for RegSeeker’s search feature, similar to Ctrl+F in MS Regedit but much better since it lists all hits, I put this on the wishlist for CRC quite long ago. Haven’t seen much changes in CRC though, maybe it’s rather tweaked under the hood in the newer releases.

Even ctrl+f doesn’t find all the entries, RegSeeker is much better. When it comes to manual registry searching, there are a few stand-alone applications built specifically for “registry searching” which are the most capable ones - which should be the case since all the resources are focused just for that. But, no reason why CSC cannot be better.

Exactly, that’s what I would like to see in CRC:

It should be good enough to make CIS uninstaller jobless.

+1 for Registry Compactor and Defragger
+1 for Empty Folders deleter

A JKDefrag like Defragger would also be nice - Something that would let you defrag AND optimize your HDD (or SSD, if that’s what you have). The way MOST defraggers work isn’t ideal, you can’t pack everything at the very beginning of your drive knowing files will be written here and there. :slight_smile:

CSC misses "legacy" sub-keys. It was unable to delete leftover entries of GeSWall under HKLM\System\ControlSet(All)\Enum\Root
legacy items?? not a bad idea :-TU I feel its not really necessary, but a good idea
It should be good enough to make CIS uninstaller jobless.
LOL I agree ;) It'll also make some registry cleaners obsolete and out-of-business :-TU

Considering that Comodo’s doing a fine job of beating back the competition in the Security department, putting other cleaners out of business would be right up Comodo’s alley.

I’m all for everything listed here…though pulling up dates from the registry…I’m not so sure about it. Can anyone confirm whether the registry even stores dates for its entries?

I would like to see the ability to restore individual registry entries that have been previously removed, rather than having to restore all the entries that were removed after a registry scan on a particular date. Registry FirstAid has this feature and it is very useful.

If a program fails to perform properly after a registry scan has removed registry entries, there will usually only be a very few registry entries that need to be restored for the program to work properly again. Have each registry backup date expand when clicked on to show a complete list of the registry entries removed. Then provide the ability to selectively choose which entries to restore, based on what registry entries refer to the program that is no longer working properly. Then all the truly invalid registry entries already removed would not need to be restored. This would be similar to the registry entries that are individually listed after a registry scan, so that specific registry entries can be moved to the ignore list before removal of all the other remaining entries.