Comodo system cleaner-sound problem

HI,fellows!I’m running Win Vista Ultimate x 64.Yesterday installed CSC and when listening radio there is a annoyng ghrfghr-sound:)I removed the program and everything now is good.How can resolve that?I want to use the CSC.
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That is known to be a driver related problem, caused by conflicts with other drivers and audio playback or recording software, it isn’t caused by CSC. Try reinstalling/updating your audio drivers and software and then check if the problem persists.

Thank you for your support.

No,Thank YOU!:)I really love Comodo!


I have Vista x64 too and with the same problem, it comes with some last update.
I did the system restore and then about 10 days ignored updates and it worked fine.
After update again the same. If I restart the PC it works good for about 12 hours.

bequick, did you resolved the problem by driver update?


I actually moved to windows 7 RCx86.Everything’s fine:)


We installed CSC 38 and ran Power Clean many times, and other modules, on Vista x64 using the cd drivers, not the updated ones and the internet radio stations performed just fine in Winamp, no sound distortion, stuttering or jamming. We tried to reproduce your sound manifestations on all operating systems and using multiple scenarios. The radio ran clear and smooth every time.
Try updating your sound drivers/ playback software.

Thank you for your support.

thank you for replies.


Btw, the is not the problem with internet radio, the problem is general with sound. Audio player, video player, browser… etc. everything does ghrfghr-sound.

“SoundMAX AD1988B Audio Driver V6.10.02.6260” the sound driver is up to date.

Now I will try update my BIOS 0702, maybe helps

My motherboard is: Asus P5E


I imagined that the problem is affecting all sounds, our scenario involved internet radio because this was the original post description and it uses both network and audio. Besides the radio, every other audio related applications and sounds in Vista x64 ran fine after using CSC.
The sound issue may also be caused if a USB pen drive is plugged into the computer.

Thank you for your support.

At the danger of going off topic.

It may be caused by using CIS 3.8. There were some reports of locking up of big amounts of Deferred Procedure Call (DPC’s) that happened after long time of listening to streaming radio or running p2p clients. It is dealt with in the new v3.9.

thank you all!

finally it was the sound card driver, I found it on asus forum. Online is only the old version available (V6.10.02.6260) :-\

here is the link to the topic:

everything works fine now :ilovecomodo: