Comodo System Cleaner is now Launched [CLOSED]

Comodo System Cleaner is now officially launched to public.

We hope you enjoy the product and look forward to your feedback so that we can continually improve it for you.


Melih, thankyou for our Christmas present, much appreciated.


Is this a new version?


Just had a quick test and there is bugs everywhere in this version.

Just clicking to run a scan on privacy cleaner brings up microsoft error reporting. I also came across a bug in the visual styler.

The theme seems slightly strange as well, shouldnt the components of the program load in the same window without new program windows everytime?

I have attached screenshots.

[attachment deleted by admin]

Great news melih ;D…although I too have found what looks a bug. When clicking on the help button nothing happens (no help files appear) nothing ???
Otherwise it looks like it’s going to be a very usefull piece of kit ;D

I love all the things you can do with CSC…but, looking at JimBell’s SS, it seems that their are a quite a few bugs. I’ll wait for most of the bugs to get worked out before D/Ling.

It cleared my Firefox passwords and certificates and system restore cannot get them back.

As the help does not work is there any way to get these back?

Same here,

Help files are in comodo program files but dead help button.
Open Comodo task manager, select any process = CTM module crash,
MS error reporting.
ouch James file recovery software IF it wasn’t overwritten.

Walks like Beta, Quacks like Beta,…
Don’t try this at home yet kiddies.

My problem is solved, luckily I had a MozBackup stored on my usb stick.

Rolled back Firefox to 3.0.4 and restored the backup.

Everything I need is back, so no harm done.

Besides the bugs, is this safe? Yet?

:-\ I’d test on a spare PC/VM first.

All these bugs should be reported in the Bug Topic 88):

Help File - Privacy Cleaner - Internet

There is a very odd mistake.

The downloaders supported by the Piracy Cleaner are:

Download Accelerator;
Internet Download Manager.

Still doesn’t seem ready yet I’ll pass for now and await a cleaned up version… :-TU
Xman 8)


It’s a great software product. I’ve uninstalled my CIS and CSC works very good.
You have a lot of option and that it’s great. I don’t have the problems descibed by you guys.
Good job!!!

I’ve installed on my computer Windows XP Sp2(x86), Avira antivirus, Microsoft Office 2003 and CSC.

(S) :■■■■

this program really feels like a beta product for me… I really think it needed far more time before it got launched…

just my opinion…


Yes, it also cleared all my firefox passwords, but I do not know if it cleared all the stored certificates in firefox… I still can visit https websites and I see ssl certificates stored in the browser. luckily I still have those…

This product just feels like an upgraded beta, I feel sorry this product has been launched to the mass… (:SAD)

Why did you uninstall CIS?

Grate news but i’m still worried about using it after what it did to my “testing PC”. unbootable

Cleared my opera passwords, gave me problems updating nod32 & wiped media player lists of music all problems resolved with a system restore. I shall wait before I reinstall csc