Comodo System-Cleaner for Windows 7

First of all - was it properly announced? I see the info only here and the official download page still shows only Vista version Download Antivirus for Mac | Free Antivirus Software for Mac

There is no separate links to 64 and 32-bit versions and I need Windows 7 64-bit version. Any help appreciated.


Comodo System Cleaner is designed to support Windows 7 as well. The information on site will be updated once a new public release will be available.
Here is the direct download link for the latest CSC (version 2.0.110158.6) that is an update for the one on the site:

Thank you.

Thank you. Autoruns Manager didn’t work in the version from Newsroom.

Correction. It still does not work. Disabled entry recreates with Enabled flag again.

Autoruns Manager works… maybe. It has been behaving like I said althought recently I’ve noticed that the items I’ve chosen to be disabled are now disabled and not doubled.

However System Information does not work at all, it shows nothing.


We are aware of this issue; on some computers System Information module isn’t able to read information from the pc. This issue is currently under analysis. We will keep you updated.
Thank you.