Comodo system cleaner crash/screw my Xp64

I’m really ■■■■■■ now. The cleaner has not only corrupted my system32 file but after recovering I get lots of BSOD(0x0000001e). I realized even my comodo is ■■■■■■■ even when I try to salvage in safe mode. My comodo crashes/ fails to startup.

Some background:
I was running on my power user a/c which I had to run comodo as an administrator(no idea why? Maybe i had install it as admin). Anyway, I was running registry cleaner and reading my PDF files and reading my PDF files. And suddenly my application hang a first and after a few seconds my mouse wouldn’t response. I tried alt+ctrl+delete but the task manager won’t come up. So I had no choice but to hard boot my laptop. After which resulted in my system32 files being corrupted. This made alot of problems for because I didn’t have my windows cd / recovery cd. Worst my backup of my files.

Some problem how this might have occured which I suspect:
I did a registry clean before in my administrative a/c but after the reboot from the clean I did not log back to my administrator a/c to verify if application had work properly which usually comodo would popup to ask if ur satisfied with the clean before dumping the registries I think.

So I login as my power user(most of the time) and I decided a few days later to do a registry clean. And because comodo needs to run under an administrator it failed bootup in any account after a clean. So I pressume that there might be a confliction with the previous registry clean that froze up my system.

I feel rather pathetic typing this lines of text on my itouch now. And sorry for any grammatic/spelling errors. It’s been a really bad few days and still trying to fix my bsod problem.

All I want to say is pls do something about this problem comodo and I might think twice again about using your software.

We are sorry for the problems you encountered but we need more specific information. We will analyze it and try to reproduce the problem on our systems so we can fix it:

  • The exact version of Comodo System Cleaner installed
  • Security Software Installed
  • Post Memory Dumps on crash if you encounter any
  • All log files of CSC, if you had logs enabled
  • Any other Additional Information.

Thank you for your support.